Mestre Tozinho


Mestre Tozinho is one of the main Masters of the Group Coquinho Baiano.
He currently lives in Brazil, and he is the supervisor of Capoeira Coquinho Baiano Schools in Brazil, Italy and the UK.

Mestre Tozinho started Capoeira Coquinho Baiano in 1982.

In 1992 Tozinho started teaching capoeira in Juquey, a beautiful village
in the state of São Paulo Coast.

Tozinho moved from Brazil to Italy in 1997 where he founded a school in Perugia (Italy) in 1998.
Since then, Mestre Tozinho has spread his activity in many cities both in the centre of Italy and abroad.
In a short time, the school of Perugia has become one the main centres of Capoeira in Italy.

In 2010 he moved back to Juquey, to continue his work as teacher of Capoeira and, at the same time, to continue a social Capoeira project with children started in 2009.

The Group’s Instructors are continuing the work of Mestre Tozinho both in Italy and Brazil.

When the Master is not teaching his daily lessons, he is very sought-after for international workshops and events.

Other Info

Mestre Tozinho moved to Juquey to work in a school as teacher of history.
His career experiences with Capoeira and as a Teacher helped him to understand history in two different ways: the Academic and the Folk ones.

It’s always very interesting to chat with him about fake historical facts and legends.