Bromley Kids Capoeira School

St Mark’s Church

Westmoreland Road
Bromley, BR2 0TB

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Why Capoeira is so good for children?

Capoeira is MORE than a martial art

it is MORE than a dance

it is MORE than a physical activity.

Capoeira is a complete discipline that develops self confidence and teamwork.

Capoeira promotes children’s positive behaviour and social skills while preventing bullying.

during our classes we work on developing:

  • sense of space 
  • sense of your own body
  • balance and rhythm.

A lesson at CAPOEIRA CB is a complete activity wich includes: 

  • aerobic activity
  • individual and in pair martial movements
  • acrobatics
  • stretching
  • games
  • practice of Brazilian percussion instruments and singing.

No preparation or equipment is necessary to start, just wear a comfortable tracksuit.

And, last but not least, fun is guaranteed!

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